lunedì 20 dicembre 2010

Meating - Savona

True Love

Facebook event

This year there is a special xmas event.
In a very particular place and with many kind of artists (art installation by Ericailcane, live music by MGZ), I can play some music with my friend Robottino and other djs from True Love.

Start up Sabato 25 Dicembre ore 21.00
Ericailcane installazione
MGZ concerto
Soundscape a cura di: DannyLoScippo I Ragazzi del Jukebox Junglist Pirates Robottino Raggaddicted Sim1 Snauzer SoulSkinBass Stoned Bass Tribuladies.
Meating è il nuovo progetto dell'Associazione culturale TrueLove( in collaborazione con il Comune di Savona. Meating si svilupperà da Dicembre a Giugno del prossimo anno nell'ex macello di Savona con eventi legati a diversi aspetti dell'arte urbana: stickers, tatuaggi, fumetti, editoria, skateboarding,video...

Per Meating stanno collaborando Raindogs,, Culture Stradali, DreaminGorilla, BigRamona, Jfclub, Frammenti nei tuoi occhi, Junglist Pirates, Robottino, Raggaddicted, Sim1, Snauzer , SoulSkinBass, Stephanie, Stoned Bass, Tribuladies, VV,Carlo Occhiena( . Altre collaborazioni sono in via di definizione

ex macello comunale
piazzale amburgo - Legino - Savona
inaugurazione sabato 25 dicembre ore 21"

giovedì 21 ottobre 2010

"La Musica che piace a Noi"

This Friday I play with my friend Robottino in a very beautiful place in Savona, so I made a new mix for that.
You can listen it  on Mixcloud.

Hope you like it (it was a lomg time since I played so forgive my mistakes).

<3 d.

venerdì 20 agosto 2010

Incursion vol.2

Incursion vol.2 is a great compilation from Special Recordings; my favourite tracks are Something for the by D-White Noise, The Flux (Meshkov rmx) by Ero, the Yab rmx for meeting with Pinocchio and Digital dreamz (ANTI rmx) by Z.
Oh yes, there is my remix for YosTek track Flauchen: something different from my style and a bit experimental but I like that and I hope you too.

All the tracks are available at Beatport and iTunes.
Have a listen and buy it if you like that! :)


venerdì 23 luglio 2010


" allows anyone to create an elegant and dynamic website using personal content from around the web for only $20 a year."

I've try it for free and it's great! A single homepage where you have all your data & social networks: cool!

This is my homepage:


lunedì 28 giugno 2010

new music and blog design

I'm working hard in this period but the music is my salvation...
Here you can listen something fresh material:
a special track with samples from the Godfather of idm Richard David James aka Aphex Twin:

and her a new little live track I think there is some good stuff for working on:

Have a good listen and don't stop to believe in music.


giovedì 15 aprile 2010

Andromeda EP

 I'm very proud to say finally "Andromeda EP" is out!

These songs was made in 2008 and had many good feedback from artist like Patrice Bäumel, Jeff Samuel, Kevin Over, Clara Moto, Kenny Leaven, Cubenx, Marlose, Stefan Tretau, Wehbba...

Now are ready to download from my page on bandcamp for a bit cost so I can pay my holidays at sea. ;)


1. Alpha Andromedae
2. Beta Andromedae

All tracks are written and produced by Danny Lo Scippo.
Mastered by Danny Lo Scippo @ S.ALB. Studio, Genova - Italy.
Illustration and graphic by Letizia Ganci. (thank you so much Lety!)

<a href="">Alpha Andromedae by Danny Lo Scippo</a>

venerdì 9 aprile 2010



My last loooong session is online for your ears.
29 years is quite a milestone and a very good reason for doing something I had not yet done.
a bit unusual but I like it :) 
good listening

tracklist in the popup player

p.s.: sorry for my "google" english but now I'm very tired for a good translation.

giovedì 4 febbraio 2010

One & Fifty - "Drowse In Front Of Computer" EP

One & Fifty - "Drowse In Front Of Computer" EP

1. 02:32
2. 01:49
3. 01:25
4. 00:34
5. 00:50

total time: 17'50''

style: Electronic/Live session


"drowse in front of computer" nasce come una raccolta di piccoli lavori, piccoli esperimenti notturni, durante le ore di sonnolenza,
quando, di fronte al computer, si cerca l'idea giusta o qualcosa con cui divertirsi...
ecco, io mi sono divertito senz'altro! questi lavori sono il frutto di una registrazione istantanea, senza modifiche successive (giusto
un livellamento dei volumi), quello che sentite è quello che ho registrato proprio in quei momenti.
tutto questo perchè il più delle volte, ho solo il tempo di sperimentare certi suoni e non riesco sempre ad approfondirli ed a
trasformarli in qualcosa di più sostanzioso.
mi sono accorto che, il più delle volte, l'ora di "massima" ispirazione è attorno all' 1:50, da qui il imo pseudonimo ed il titolo delle
spero che tutto ciò vi possa piacere o almeno strapparvi un sorriso.

con affetto



"drowse in front of computer" born as a collection of small works, little night experiments, during the hours of somnolence, when, in
front of the computer, you try the right idea or something to have fun...
yes, I definitely enjoyed it! These works are the result of an instant recording, without subsequent changes (just an equalization of
volumes), what you feel is what I recorded in those moments.
all this because most of the time, I have only time to experience certain sounds and not always able to deepen and transform them
into something more substantial.
I realized that, in most cases, the time of "maximum" Inspiration is at 1:50, hence my pseudonym and the title track.
I hope that whatever you may please, or at least snatch a smile.

with love



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