venerdì 29 aprile 2011

One&Fifty - After the night comes always the morning EP

01 - goodnight radio cloud - 3'12"
02 - goodmorning radio cloud - 3'28"
03 - the happy days feedback - 5'14"

listen and download for free on Bandcamp

continue my project "one & fifty" I create two years ago;
I put my experimental original material here, a place where there is no rules from
the music industry, only my "live" interpretation of little emotions, a picture, a kiss,
a radioactive cloud that passed over my head (this is because I named the first
two songs)…
hope you like it and want to share with the world.
Take a look on my "serious" music project "danny lo scippo" on my blog:

photo by el Buho nº30

martedì 19 aprile 2011

Scipponews 2011

Hello world!
here some little updates.


For my first 30 years I made a special djset with 30 electronic stuff I like.
You can stream on my page or Mixcloud page or, if you want the mp3 format, you can download it here.



New stuff for my side-project One&Fifty (if you miss my first ep you can download for FREE on Bandcamp); I'm working on other tracks to include in another free ep.
Now you can listen these two new tracks:

  One&Fifty - After the night comes always the morning by Danny Lo Scippo // 1:50


Last but not least, I hope my new ep on Back Home see the light later this summer! It will be called "Pads & Potatoes EP" with three new tracks from me and two special remix from Matthys and Robottino.
I'm very excited for it and hope to share with you some clip in the future. 


IF you like my music follow me in the social network world (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, MySpace...) or write me two lines on my mail.

...and, as always, sorry for my google english ;)