venerdì 2 marzo 2012

New EP is out now!!! (and the newsletter is coming)

Hello folks!
A fantastic 2012 is beginning! Today after a long time (the first demo was in 2010) my ep "Pads and Potatoes" has seen the light on the Ryan Davis label, *Back Home.
There is the title track with two fantastic remix by Matthys and Robottino (thank you so much guys!), an "ambient-dream version" called "Pads" and a melancholic electronic track, "Purring Cat".
For this ep I was lucky to get a video from a great videomaker and musician: Mr. Corrado Meraviglia.

The first support is arrived from Henry Saiz, Paul Hazendonk, Paul Nazca, Electric Rescue, Undo, Luis Junior, Ryan Davis, N'to, Spada, Mattheis, Blake Sutherland, Qbical, John O`Connor, Joff Logartz, daWad, Limbo, Robin deLange, DJ Unu, Simon Langham, Misjah, Ender, Manuel Sofia, Groj, SINNER DC...

Now stop to write and lets the music speak for us!

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