martedì 14 aprile 2009

The Robot Rockers

The Robot Rockers
is a concept duo was start in early 2009 with my friend Luca aka Elastic Eyes.
We have the same passion for music, from rock to elettronica, and we want to propose it with some great visuals (made by Elastic Eyes).
This isn't a new idea, I think there are many djs and club that propose it, but we are very happy when we play together, so why don't try it?
The first beta-show we maded in summer 2006 at AddaRockFestival (Medolago - BG) after the show of Useless Wooden Toys and Tying Tiffany; now we are back with a new spectacular show we present it at Neverland Festival (Trezzo S/A - MI).

Other news at the link below:
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