mercoledì 11 novembre 2009

A little update

Was a lot of time I didn't write here, so now is time to update!

New life ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I moved from Bergamo to Genova, from hinterland to the sea: a new place, a new home (little but beautiful) , a new job, a new school (I hope to finish my degree in architecture). I like the new situation, it's beautiful to live with your girlfirend, but the time for music is less then before, but I think is only a matter of organization.
Fortunately I can back to Bergamo sometimes, so I can meet my family, my dog and my friends (that I miss them so much).

New track and remix //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

In the little time I managed in my new house, I did a new track and a remix for my friend Juan.
Hope you like my new works and if you wan't a special "Danny Lo Scippo Remix" for your tune, just write two lines at my mail:

dannyloscippodj (at) gmail (dot) com

(I like to write the mail address with the ( ) eheh )

Danny Lo Scippo - Purè (I konw it's a fucking name for a track)

Danny Lo Scippo - Purè by dannyloscippo

Juan Rojo - Desagregar Dochino Dub (Danny Lo Scippo Remix)

Juan Rojo - Desagregar Dochino Dub (Danny Lo Scippo Remix) by dannyloscippo

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